EMERALD SUN - Regeneration (Japanese Edition)

EMERALD SUN - Regeneration (Japanese Edition)

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Catalogue Nr:RBNCD-1043
  • Format:CD
  • Year:2010


Japanese edition of EMERALD SUN "Regeneration" released by Rubicon Music in 2011. Includes two exclusive bonus tracks (cover versions of Helloween classics “Dr. Stein” and “Eagle Fly Free”).


1. We Won’t Fall
2. Theater of Pain
3. Where Angels Fly
4. Regeneration
5. Starchild
6. Speak of the Devil
7. Planet Metal
8. Chasing the Wind
9. Fantasmagoria
10. Holding out for a Hero
11. Dr. Stein (bonus)
12. Eagle Fly Free (bonus)

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