REBELLION - And The Battle Begins...

REBELLION - And The Battle Begins...

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So far, the hard to find masterpiece "And The Battle Begins..." album by the U.S. epic/power metal masters REBELLION, was only available on cassette format, released back in 1991.

Thanks to the keyboard player and main song writer of the band, Chris St. Pierre, the master DAT tape was located and the album was digitally processed and remastered, featuring killer sound!

"And The Battle Begins..." is now available on this CD edition, with a new cover, 16 pages booklet with biography, lyrics and rare photos. Get ready for the ultimate epic metal journey..... Some of the greatest songs ever written by a U.S. band. It's time for REBELLION to lay claim to their throne. HAIL!!!

1. And The Battle Begins...
2. Do Or Die
3. Alone In The Night
4. Crying Out
5. Fallen Angel
6. Only Time Can Tell
7. Die By The Sword
8. He Walks Alone
9. Road To Freedom
10. Lonely Child
11. Demons Of Darkness

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