ILLNATH - 4 Shades of me
ILLNATH - 4 Shades of me

ILLNATH - 4 Shades of me

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Catalogue Nr:PBR020
  • Format:CD
  • Year:2013


Danish female-fronted death metal band ILLNATH, return with their fourth album, “4 Shades of me.” The album comprises of 11 songs that showcase the band’s progression which has now fine-tuned its style. Leaving completely aside keyboards and other symphonic elements, this is pure, hard-pounding aggressive metal!
“4 Shades of me” is a follow-up to the band’s highly acclaimed 2011 album (“Third Act in the Theatre of Madness”, also on Pitch Black Records). An album that has helped the band gain a lot more followers all over the world and of course helped secure live appearances and tours in different countries.
Album tracklist:
1. Blood Warrior
2. Gallow Hill
3. King of your Mind
4. Pieces
5. No Salvation
6. Captain of the Seven Seas
7. Unleashed
8. Shade of me
9. Not my God
10. It’s on me
11. Angelic Voices Calling (2012)

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