LETHAL SAINT - Lethal Saint
LETHAL SAINT - Lethal Saint

LETHAL SAINT - Lethal Saint

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Catalogue Nr:PBR004
  • Format:CD
  • Year:2010



Proudly flying the flag of traditional heavy metal way up high! These youngsters sure know how to party and they party like it's 1989!!
80's heavy metal with all the elements – a raw, grimy sound, galloping riffs and pounding drumming, melodic lines and chant-alongs and of course a voice that reeks of leather and booze!
1. Chains of the Devil  
2. Final Prayer
3. Thunder Strikes
4. Evil Inside
5. Heavy Metal Knights
6. You’re a Sinner
7. Night of the Sin
8. Rock ‘N’ Roll Survivor
9. Visions in the Night
10. Midnight Warriors
11. Wild in the Night
12. Lethal Saint

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