MAGNOLIA - Tänk Själv

MAGNOLIA - Tänk Själv

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4th album from Ronny and his MAGNOLIA.

So where have they been? Well, Ronny joined forces with MY BROTHER THE WIND for 2 albums.

For those of us who heard MAGNOLIA before, it is heavy 70's based hardrock in the vein of NOVEMBER, but also CREAM. Supersharp lyrics, blending wah wah guitars and superheavy rhythm section. It cannot be said as best ever album ever by MAGNOLIA, as the previous 3 are already classics, and so will this one be as well!

Track List
01 Duell Med Djävulen
02 Mr. Hårding
03 Idag Så Bad Du Mig Att Dra
04 Oväntat Finbesök
05 Svara Mig
06 Andrum
07 Tänk Själv
08 Jag Finns Här
09 Dit Vi Går
10 Rötterna Går Djupt
11 Gudinna

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