SILENT FALL - Otherwise
SILENT FALL - Otherwise

SILENT FALL - Otherwise

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Catalogue Nr:PBR003
  • Format:CD
  • Year:2010


Silent Fall was created in May 2005 driven by the passion for music of three bandmembers: Guillaume (keyboards), Cyrille (guitar) and Adrien (lead vocals). After a long period of searching for a drummer and a bass guitar player, Benoist (bass guitar) and Paulo (drums) finally joined the band in September which was then known as Winterland.
Inspired in particular by bands like In Flames, Mercenary, Raintime and Edguy, the music of the band is a blend of melodic, death and symphonic metal. But it keeps a certain character that is acquired by the musical diversity of the band's members.
1. Who is the fool?
2. Kill for life  
3. Haunted Sights  
4. Forever and Ever  
5. One cold winter night  
6. I Wish  
7. Play with Fire  
8. World of Secrets  
9. This could have been  
10. Tears of Fate  
11. On the top of the world  
12. Heroes (CD Bonus)
13. Who is the fool?  (Black version) - exclusive download

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