TORTURE SLAVE - Metal Fairytale

TORTURE SLAVE - Metal Fairytale

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Kathargo Records
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TORTURE SLAVE was formed 1984 in Berlin/Germany and recorded four demos until 1986. Unfortunately they never released an LP. The reason for this seems to be that Berlin was not – and still is not – a hotspot for Heavy Metal in Germany or Europe. The Prussian capital featured everything, from punk, hardcore, rap, electro, acid, soul, jazz, grunge to hip hop; but Heavy Metal was always living in the shadows in the 80s and 90s. A lot of stuff was released that was of questionable quality, but the latest trend is nowhere as important as in Berlin.

Especially in Heavy Metal the trends are never that important as in other music genres. Good songs can convince the fans better than being a trend-setter. Today, in the year 2015, TORTURE SLAVE can convince us with their music; this might have helped the band to survive the trends. For all fans of true German 80s Metal with good melody lines and competent musicians the legacy of TORTURE SLAVE is an insider tip and Karthago Records the ideal label for this rerelease.

1 Torture Slave
2 Seed of insanity  
3 Scream for love  
4 She´s the ghost  
5 Shout
6 We´re gonna rock you  
7 Bad girls  
8 Thoughts  
9 Master of hell  
10 Metal Fairytale

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