TRINAKRIUS - Introspectum
TRINAKRIUS - Introspectum

TRINAKRIUS - Introspectum

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Catalogue Nr:PBR039
  • Format:CD
  • Year:2015
Italian Doom Metal masters TRINAKRIUS were formed in 1995. With three albums already under their belt and a huge experience playing live the band is now back with their new album, “Introspectum.”
TRINAKRIUS is clearly a heavy metal band but with cited main influences such as BLACK SABBATH, CANDLEMASS and CATHEDRAL one can easily tell that doom is in their blood! Their music is dark, often creating an eerie atmosphere while at other times offers faster galloping riffing. The band's new album, consisting of 7 tracks and clocking at just over 40 minutes long, is pure doom heavy metal at its very best!
2015 finds the band with a completely new line up, with only original founding-member Claudio Florio (drums) still present but this year also sees the return of original vocalist Francesco Chiazzese. With a superb new album the band is clearly stating that TRINAKRIUS is here to stay for good!
1. I Would Like
2. Moments
3. The Crying Soldier
4. Living
5. Flight of the Eagle
6. Within the Silence
7. Facing the Mirror

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